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Sistine Madonna

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In August 2012, this was the 500th anniversary of the birth of Raphael's great masterpiece called "Cistina Madonna" (Bleibtreu, 2013). Through many years, I discovered not all mysteries, but about this picture. My paper is about my interpretation of "Sistine Madonna", which includes several famous people views, magazine reviews and some facts about the Renaissance and era colors, including Rafael Santio It is. Interpretation In addition to my family and friends, I included the opinions of simple people in this article.

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In August, 2012 it was the 500th anniversary of Raphael’s great masterpiece, the painting known as the “Sistine Madonna” (Bleibtreu, 2013). Although many years have passed, not all the mysteries have been discovered, yet regarding this painting. My paper is about my interpretation of “Sistine Madonna” incorporated with some facts about renaissance and the colors of that period of time, including, some famous people’s opinions, magazines’ reviews and Raphael Sanzio’s interpretation

Moreover, I include in this paper the opinions of simple people such as that of my family and my friends. This painting was one of Raphael’s last paintings and he had painted it after receiving a request from Pope Julius the Second, for San Sisto Church, which is why it was called “Sistine Madonna” (Shelley Esaak, no date). In this painting, the main personage is Virgin Mary. She is in blue and red (she appears in those colors in almost all the classical paintings), with baby Jesus Christ in her arms, standing on the clouds and surrounded by Saint Sixtus, and Saint Barbara. There are two little angels resting on their elbows in front of them.

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It was hidden in the peculiarities of the altar where the painting should be located. Thus, according to one hypothesis, Jesus was looking and Saint Sixtus was pointing at a crucifix as a sign of the death. Sistine Madonna is one of the most famous religious oil paintings made by Raphael

Moreover, it is the last image of Madonna completed by him for the church or monastery. This painting became the most prominent example of portraying the religious themes in art for many generations of artists. (Ott M) Many critics emphasize that in this work Madonna looks like an ordinary woman who feels the great responsibility and even fears for her son. This great painting was developed for the Benedictine monks’ Monastery of San Sisto and has determined the principles of portraying religious motives and images in the works of the Renaissance age. Sistine Madonna became the last image from the series of Madonnas’ depictions made by Raphael.

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In fact, this painting provides an overview of techniques used by painters during the Italian High Renaissance period. One of its achievements is creating an illusion

There are hints of geometrical designs in “The Sistine Madonna” like the triangular position of the Madonna, Saint Sixtus, and Saint Barbara. Their facial expressions are unified. The Madonna placed higher in the triangle and the putti placed nearer at the real space of the viewer create a depth that separates illusion from reality. Another achievement is the veneration of lifelike body gestures in paintings.

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