Instructions How to Write

Organization Behavior Conflict

The conflict description should include the following elements:
• Nature of the conflict (what it is about, dimensions, duration, who the involved parties are, etc.).
• Organizational environment of the conflict (culture, power, personalities of parties, etc.).
• Level of conflict: person, group, organizational, inter-organizational, society.
• Interests and/or values of the parties involved.
• Brief history of the conflict (origination, chronology of events).

It is not necessary to include a Way of Being diagram with this draft.

Do not use people’s real names. Say something like, “A boss I once had, who I will call Lee.” If a workplace is involved you do not need to name the firm, but please specify the industry, so there is context. Example: “Several years ago I worked as project manager for a large firm in the real estate building industry, and my boss, who I will call Lee…”

Hand in the Conflict Description through the designated SafeAssign link. This is a group project so only one person needs to hand in the Conflict Description. Put the names of everyone in the group on the cover page.

Choose a conflict that is bounded by time, location, or duration (e.g. manageable as a term project). The conflict can be one that is already resolved, or one that is ongoing. The chosen conflict can be at the person, group, organizational, inter-organizational or societal level.


1. Both sides of the conflict must be analyzed. Therefore, a limiting factor for choosing a conflict is whether you can get enough information about both sides to do this.

2. Situations that are personal and still emotional do not necessarily work well for this assignment, because it is difficult to remain objective and analytical. Also, why relive a bad time? However, this is a class of adults, so use your own judgement.

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