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Does Texting Affect Writing

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We as a society are evolving with each generation to come. We are getting stronger, faster, and smarter. Just as cell phones are no longer square blocks with numbers on them and TV’s are not in black and white, writing itself has also evolved

Once upon a time many wrote and spoke in a Shakespearean form of language and over the years it has evolved into something we call modern English. In recent years, technology has advanced greatly and cell phones have become one of our primary use of communication. With cell phones came a new form of writing called text messaging.

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First, Cullington notes common arguments of the negative impact of texting

For example the one about students using to many abbreviations. Sometimes these abbreviations are found in students formal writing. Such as “cuz”, an abbreviation commonly used for because. Another argument is that students lack the ability to show emotion in their writing due to the fact that texts are to short and to simple. From here se moves on, and talks to students and teachers about how they feel about texting. Some teachers say its a good way for students to convey their message in just a few words. Also texting helps with creativity and confidence in a teenager. She continues on the positive arguments saying, ” Teenagers have created an entirely new language”. Next, she conducts a questioner to her school friends and a couple of her high school English teachers. Simply asking them when they started texting, how often they do it, if they notice themselves using abbreviations very often, and if they think texting has a positive or negative affect on them. Students said tat they knew when text speak was appropriate and when its not to be used. They knew to keep it out of formal writing, they would also catch themselves when writing an abbreviation. Teachers and Professors didn’t see a problem as long as they reminded their students to be formal when writing a formal paper. They also say it helps make communication sorter and easier.

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Michaela Cullington summarizes the arguments of the people who believetext-messaging positively affects students writing skills

According to Cullington, even thoughmany people think that texting negatively affects students writing, other believe that text-messaging positively affects students writing skills because by text-messaging students will beinspired to write, and that will give them assurance when writing formal writing (364). MichaelaCullington states that Sternberg, Kaplan, and Borck acknowledges that students seem to liketext-messaging, therefore, if students keep texting they are going to be inspired to write moreoften (364). According to Cullington “texting teens learn how to convey their message to areader in as few words possible” (364). Cullington also claims that one teacher from Minnesota believes that, texting helps students to expand their “own individual voice (364). Learning thatindividual voice allows the writer to offer personal insights and express feeling that will interestand engage readers ” (364). Moreover, these people who agree that text-messaging positivelyaffects students writing skills say, that people earn practice when they are writing; therefore,students will gain confidence and they will not be afraid to write formal writings (365).Finally, after Michaela Cullington explains why people disagree or agree with text-messaging, she decided to do her own research so that she could be more clear about if texting positively or negatively affects students writing skills. According to Cullington, texting has aminimal effect on student writing ”(367).

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Summing up, then their are people who say that texting can have positive affects on a persons writing skills. People say it encourages students to practice writing for no reason or even get the confidence they need to write. It can also spark someone’s creativity and new ways to express it in writing

But in the end her researched showed that texting really does not have big time affects on someone’s writing skills. Students know the difference between texting friends on their phone and writing formally for a essay or just a normal summary. In the end texting is just a new thing to make communication easier and does not really have any affects on someone’s writing skills.

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Cullington. Michaela. “Does Texting Affect Writing?”. They Say I Say. Third edition. CathyBirkentein, Gerald Graff, Russel Durst. New York/London. 2014. 361-372. Print

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