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Workplace Wellness and Stress Management

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Health and wellness in the workplace is crucial to business success. Increasingly, it is recognized that the workplace itself has a powerful affect on people’s health. When people are satisfied with their job, they are more productive and tend to be healthier

When employees feel that the environment at work is negative, they feel stressed. Stress has a large impact on employee mental and physical health, and in turn, on productivity. Companies that promote healthy lifestyle habits for employees to improve their health, often take the success of the company to heart and are likely to be absent less often for health related reasons.

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For employees everywhere, the troubled economy may feel like an emotional roller coaster. “Layoffs” and “budget cuts” have become bywords in the workplace, and the result is increased fear, uncertainty, and higher levels of stress. Since job and workplace stress grow in times of economic crisis, it’s important to learn new and better ways of coping with the pressure. The ability to manage stress in the workplace can make the difference between success and failure on the job. Our emotions are contagious, and stress has an impact on the quality of our interactions with others. The better we are at managing our own stress, the more we will positively affect those around us and the less other people’s stress will negatively affect us. Stress management is the need of the hour. However hard we try to go beyond a stress situation, life seems to find new ways of stressing us out and plaguing us with anxiety attacks

Moreover, be it our anxiety, mind-body exhaustion or our erring attitudes, we tend to overlook causes of stress and the conditions triggered by those. In such unsettling moments we often forget that stressors, if not escapable, are fairly manageable and treatable. An analysis of the work stress of the company provides the true picture of the condition at the company which will give an idea about the areas which require immediate management attention for the better operation. Since the entire project is based on the understanding & managing stress of employees across organizations in the service sector, the scope of the project is limited to the employees working in the organization at different levels of the hierarchy structure. These findings and suggestions are made primarily to frame a suitable personnel strategy for the better operations of the organization with all round benefits.

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Many organizations in the world, both in public and private sectors, are facing many challenges that range from economic recession, international insecurity, increasingly knowledgeable customers and cutthroat competition in the market. Business environment has become unfriendly, and survival of firms largely depends on how best the management can approach the current market changes. Daft (2010, p.432) explains that for a firm to be effective in its operations, there must be emphasis on the human aspect. The employees must be put at the forefront and they must understand the strategic objectives of the institution. Employees are also faced with many issues such as job insecurity, poor working conditions, family issues and career ambition among others that affect their performance. Stress among employees poses a serious threat to development of any organization. World Health Organization, in its recent reports, has stated that stress is a major cause of many health problems. Stress also reduces the attention of an individual to less than 50%(Lake, Griffiths and Cox, 2003, p.5)

Stress has made many employees lose their lives at workplaces, especially those dealing with heavy and dangerous plants. A driver can easily lose focus of the road if s/he is under an uncontrolled level of stress. This can lead to loss of not just his/her life, but also those of other important employees.Upon this basis, this report was conducted in order to come up with ways through which stress can be put in control. From the findings of the report, I came to improve my knowledge on the causes, Implications and ways of managing stress.

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As shown above, discussions should take place with the stressed out workers, and certain changes which will help remove stress must be implemented

Such discussions should encompass suggestions and measures that could be taken on the personal front of the employees, which could help in lowering the stress. Steps such as having a balanced diet, thinking positive and even incorporating ideas like organising regular workshops on how to psychologically manage stress and combat it could turn out to be of great help. It becomes all the more important in many situations whether these discussions take place or not, since they could greatly benefit and completely curb stress within the workplace. A sense of direction, in totality, needs to be provided to the staff at regular intervals.

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