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Jeff Bezos and His Leadership Style

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Jeff Bezos began Amazon in his garage in July 1995 with three Sun workstations setting on wooden doors for tables and extension cords running from everywhere. Right from the beginning he was a visionary leaving his well paying job as a senior vice president with D. E. Shaw to begin

Being the visionary that he is he saw an opportunity prompted by the huge growth rate of internet use in a single year and ran with it never looking back. Jeff realized that the internet had “no real commerce to speak of” so he began researching possible businesses.

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Good leaders are specialized group of people who have their own set of leadership principles, accomplish an objective and lead a group of people, company or anything else in a way that has good outcome. They are vision centered and forced by objectives, goals and visions instead of reputation. Effective leaders have a clear view of what they do, where they want to lead and have goals that extend further into long-term visions

Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon is good example of such Effective Leadership Characteristic. He is a technology entrepreneur who has played a major role in the area of e-commerce, an online merchant of books in the initial stages and later expanded to wide range of products. Under his leadership, became the largest online retailer on the World Wide Web. Jeff Bezos’s secret of Success lies in his passion towards “Customers and Customer Service” put him on Corporate Edge. He mainly focuses on how he can make the Customers experience improve who were visiting his site. He never focused neither on Competition nor his competitors. He came up with 14 leadership principles, out of which “Customer Obsession” leads the other principles followed by Frugality and others. In the meetings that Bezos conducts with his board of directors or any decision that is to be taken, he leaves a chair empty. The logic behind is he leaves the chair empty for this customer. The members attending the meeting should keep the customer in view and take decision.

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Workers have stated that Bezos normally berates them and always speaks his mind regarding various issues. The company has lately suffered losses despite an increase in revenue of 23%. Lately, the company is making progress as its losses has somehow subsided. Jeff Bezos leadership Characteristics and Philosophy Transactional Leader Jeff Bezos is a leader that is task oriented. Stone (2013) explains that Jeff as a micromanager who is often uninterested in people’s opinions and has a rigorous standard. This kind of leadership is termed as transactional. Northhouse (2013) explains that a transactional leader is one who can influence the subordinates positively because it his/her duty to carry out such an action. In achieving outcomes and operational goals, transactional leaders are the most effective. This includes creating a business which can thrive in an area that is filled with competition. Bezos has managed to do this in an IT competitive market

The way he has steered the company oozes a quality that can only be witnessed among great leaders. Jeff is also a transformational leader. He can be seen as a leader who wants to bring in changes. He is innovative and that what has seen the company rise above odds to be one of the best internet based commerce companies in the United States. According to Qu, Janssen and Shi (2015), they found out that those leaders that exhibit transformational kind of leadership produce extraordinary results. These kind of leaders are followers of creativity and innovation. They are fascinated by creating a vision for the future which captures the mind and heart of people. They drive their employees beyond ordinary possibilities. Jeff ranks high in this field, and that is what has made one of the best companies in the word when it comes to internet based companies.

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In short, Jeffrey Bezos is a successful visionary leader because he employs long-term goals setting, innovation, and team motivation

Through my experience as a collegiate athlete I have concluded that a leader can have the perfect vision, but unless he has the highest motivation of the followers he is leading, that vision will not become a reality. Therefore it is crucial as leader to straddle the line of productive motivation and destructive motivation in order the achieve the highest of motivation from your team.

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