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How do you eat your pizza with your elbows? It's a natural question for a little boy to ask a quadruple amputee, and Bob Lujano is happy to answer it. He and the other stars of the documentary "Murderball" wish more people would ask more questions, instead of becoming inhibited around people in wheelchairs

After this movie, maybe they will. You don't have to feel shy around quadriplegics who play wheelchair rugby.

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The featured film documentary called ‘Murder Ball’ directed by Dana Ruben and Alex Shapiro focuses on Mark Zupan and Joe Soares life of a Quadriplegic person. I have responded to the main characters and their situations including how they make me feel about the lives of Quadriplegic people and how they deal with it during their lifetime. My overall impressions about Mark Zupan and Joe Soares lives as a quadriplegic has encouraged me to respond not to feel sorry for them but to gain respect and be inspired .I will be discussing the film techniques to support my ideas in the documentary. I feel as if I responded to the characters in sympathetic way. They are still able to continue on with life although a little differently. The film shot uses framing, sound track, lighting and close up on Mark Zupan leg which has a tattoo, this may show us a devil may care attitude and could symbolise his removal from being a ‘quadriplegic’ .And the sound track being dull as though the director wants to show us in the beginning scene that if you’re living a quadriplegic lifestyle it is very grey and boring

Joe Soares archive footage has also been included in the documentary which displays his achievements in Quad Rugby .The lighting shows the medals and trophies he won. The sound track starts to change as we see his achievements go pass. The framing shows scenes of Mark Zupan and Joe Soares life as being busy and worth while living .The director shows Mark and Joe times that they have experienced throughout their quadriplegic life. They express their emotion which shows us how they feel about their condition and how they live their life .It has positioned me to feel that Joe and Mark are not progressing in life but as my views changed. Their life as a quadriplegic are not as bad as I thought it would be.

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In a word, quad rugby as played by the US team, between 2002 games in Sweden and the 2004 Paralympics in Athens. Young men, most with spinal injuries, play this rough and tumble sport in special chairs, seated gladiators. We get to know several and their families. They talk frankly about their injuries, feelings in public, sex lives, competitiveness, and love of the game. There's also an angry former team member gone north to coach the Canadian team, tough on everyone, including his viola-playing son. We meet a recently injured man, in rehab, at times close to despair, finding possible joy in quad rugby

After Athens, the team meets young men injured in war: the future stars of Team USA.

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