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How Outdated and Ineffective Highschool Education System Is

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Our education system today is in a state of flagrant disrepair. Educators rely on outdated modes of instruction to teach children

Instead of examining these methods administrators spend time and effort developing more intensive assessments in hopes of fueling more intense learning. In order to successfully impact learning teachers must begin teaching in ways that guarantee to impart new knowledge. Brain-based learning is a newer concept in education that addresses the specific needs of a learner’s brain in order to maximize learning.

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The public education system we currently know has been around for more than 150 years. However, the basic schooling model remains the same. Roughly 20 to 30 kids of the same age are stuffed into a classroom and taught by one teacher. Even though the curricula have developed, the essence has stayed the same. Children are still taught in a standardized and industrialized way. As with anything that comes from centralized control, it is highly inefficient, bureaucratic, and wasteful. A teacher at the front and the children seated is the optimal way to learn for some students, but others struggle in this environment. Yes, the overall educational system has changed in many regards. However, the way we are taught has not. A teacher at the front and the children seated is the optimal way to learn for some students, but others struggle in this environment. Children learn best in different ways. Some children are best suited to learn through visual stimulation. Others may learn best through hands-on education

The reality is that the current educational system doesn't really accommodate any learning style, nor does it aim for anything other than high test scores. Children rarely are allowed to be children. Play is stifled. Students are crammed into a classroom and taught in a standardized way. Creativity is restricted. They aren't allowed to harness their inquisitive minds. Questioning things is part of the analytic mind and a key to societal development, but this takes a backseat to examinations.

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Although the mean impact of the program is important, part of the goal of the financial incentives and other school improvements is to improve access and subsequently performance of low-income and minority students. Even though close to three-quarters of the MP students are either low-income or black, one could imagine a scenario where more effective teachers could be tracked away from these students. Teachers are one of the most important school-based factors in a child’s education (Hanushek and Rivkin, 2006), and effective administrators are an important factor in a teacher’s decision to stay with a particular school (Ladd, 2011; Boyd et al., 2011; Burkhauser, 2014). MP is a comprehensive program that attempts to attract and retain high performers in schools serving high proportions of low-income and minority students in order to improve their academic achievement. The evidence presented here seems to indicate that programs like MP for high school freshmen appear to achieve the goal of improving student test scores in Algebra I after several years of implementation

There is some concern that the placebo confidence intervals are too conservative. In particular, the placebo confidence intervals assume that the treated schools have the same variance as the comparison schools. However, if there are significant improvements in the MP schools during the post-implementation period, this may not be a valid assumption. If the variances differ substantially, I would be less able to detect an effect. This is why I show the more classical standard errors as well as the placebo confidence intervals.

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To conclude, it is not fare to teach students based on their abilities. If teaching both types of students together, weak students can get motivation from them, which could eventually increase skills and abilities. Jawarlal Nehru, first prime minister of India said, "country can only prosper, when education institute stop discriminating students and teach them equally." Furthermore, cross functional students in a class can help each other and increase their professional or personal horizon. Eventually, teaching without discrimination will create a pool of individuals with different skill set, which could increase the growth prospect of a country. It is prudent to advice and encourage bright students, whilst we should not neglect others. Students are the building blocks of future

My personal opinion schools should not discriminate students based on their abilities.

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