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Rhetorical Analysis of "the Stovepipe Hole" by Elizabeth Clark

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Elizabeth Clark was born in 1961, the second of six children, in Campbellford, Ontario, a small farming community two hours north of Toronto. A former nurse, Clark now provides telephone counselling for a health management company. Clark writes a beautifully wrought series of stories, sometimes very sad, somtimes very hilarious, about living in a dysfunctional family in small- town Ontario.

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For the most part, Elizabeth Clark writes about rural Ontario, ironic stories about a young woman who dekes her way around the traps of a dysfunctional family and oppressive small-town morés to ditch the cruel pettiness of a life where an eight-year-old watches her mother “throw a litter of live newborn kittens into the blazing wood stove and slam the door.” These stories were originally published in Santa and Other Lies (out of print).

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