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Colony of Georgia Soil Exhaustion Hamilton Versus Jefferson's Political Ideas Marbury Versus Madison 36*30'

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In 1776 the United States government started out on a shoestring and quickly went bankrupt fighting its War of Independence against Britain. At the war's end, the national government owed tremendous sums to foreign creditors and its own citizens.

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The settlement of permanent English colonies in North America, beginning with Jamestown in 1607, further cemented the development of an already emerging and complex Atlantic World. The convergence of North American, South American, European, and African peoples in the western hemisphere was a complicated mix of conquest, trade, and religious mission. Spanish, French, and English colonies existed simultaneously in North America, each with different objectives and different approaches to the American Indians they encountered

Likewise, differences among the thirteen English colonies existed in terms of their founding purposes, interaction with American Indians, and economic development. England’s various North American colonies were, however, united under their mother country’s strong focus on extracting colonial resources through mercantilism and trans-Atlantic trade even though this objective did not always align with the colonists’ growing desire for economic, religious, and political autonomy.

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All things considered, most of the issues and values that divided America’s leaders in the nation-building years of the late eighteenth century are remote from those that stir us today, the passions aroused by these old contests persist in the present. Readers often reveal a keen sense of partiality, if not partisanship, toward the revolutionary leaders

When Adams is riding high in popularity, esteem for Jefferson decreases. The same applies to Jefferson and Hamilton. As we move into a season of bicentennials of Marshall’s great decisions, these too will probably provoke criticism of his rivals, Jefferson and Madison.

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