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E Learning to Build Thinking Skills

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E-learning has come to dominate the strategic thinking of employers over the past decade in several countries. Only in recent years in India, there has been focus on e-learning, this is due to the recent development in MNC, BPO and IT concerns. This is widely seen due to the connected economy, become intangible and fast growing among organizations

Due to emerging MNC’s, globalisation has become one of the most important criteria to increase flexibility of communications, and hence become vital among the organization.

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Education is the key to success and in the world today, learning can take place in a traditional classroom setting, as well as online. Although these are both methods of educating learners, there are differences that benefit the specific learner. A traditional classroom setting is where learning takes place and the teacher provides face to face instructional learning to students. Students are also able to communicate face to face with the teacher as well as other students in the classroom. On the other hand, online learning is where courses are taken online, but the teacher and students interact or communicate online. This may take place in a video chat room, virtual learning class, emails, digital telecommunications, and etc. If a student misses a class in the traditional classroom, he or she will be able to ask the teacher or another student face to face for notes or assignments that were missed. Students are also able to ask the teacher for extra assistance when he or she does not comprehend a lesson. However, the students will still have to be able to keep up with new notes and assignments, whereas in an online learning environment, the student can complete assignments at home on their own time but will have a due date

If the student does not understand something, he or she can stop and go over it later or email the teacher to answer questions.

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For e-learning to be effective and feasible, there is a need to invest in it in terms of money, time, faculty, and leadership. The effectiveness of e-learning can be evaluated through process appraisal and outcome assessment

Process assessment will involve examining the limitations and vigor of the curriculum. It is possible to appraise the process through peer reviews of the program’s content. One can also evaluate the ability and speed of navigation through online documents for e-learning. The learning materials can also be checked for compliance with the standards for learning. Use of multimedia in sending and receiving information should also be evaluated. According to Kok (2013, p. 20), the ability of the learner to open, navigate and use the materials should indicate understanding of the process. It is worth noting whether the learner has the required hardware for e-learning. The ability of him or her to use various software/tools that are required for e-learning should also be evaluated. Tsai (2011, p. 146) affirms that the outcome evaluation method uses parameters such as change of behavior after learning and satisfaction. Aasen (2013, p. 11) asserts that one can evaluate whether the learners were satisfied with the content, the method of delivery, and the impact through the level of knowledge that the learner seems to have gained. Tsai (2011, p. 145) asserts that learning is said to have taken place when there is a change of behavior. It is therefore possible to know whether the learner learnt through e-learning by behavior observation. Learners can also be evaluated through examinations. Good performance is an indication of learning and understanding.

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As has been noted, the use of the Internet in the sphere of organization and management of education leads to the increase of education accessibility on a global scale, and may lead to the growth of economic efficiency of an educational institutions activity

Taking the huge scale of the Internet into account, the creation of mechanisms designed for effective navigation of the Internet, and the collection, analysis, exchange and distribution of information for the specific use of education acquires great importance. Therefore it is suggested that we should Integrate Digital Learning Objects in the Classroom if we want to be the leaders in education industry because it is the need of the hour.

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