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History of The Airbus A220-100 & 300

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When Air France-KLM chief Ben Smith showed off the group’s fleet development plan in early November last year, one of his slides mischievously referred to the “A220‑500”, a hypothetical stretch of the Airbus A220 beyond its two-member family

“If Airbus builds a series -500, a larger model, a -400, whatever it calls it,” said Smith, “we’d be very interested in that airplane.”

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The smallest jetliner in Airbus’ in-production product line, the A220-100, was built from the ground up to serve the 100-135 seat market with unbeatable efficiency and comfort. With broad seats, plenty of overhead storage space and large windows, it’s a single-aisle aircraft that feels like a wide-body jet

The extensive use of advanced aluminium in the fuselage – along with advanced composites in the wings, empennage and rear fuselage – reduces weight and increases corrosion resistance, resulting in better efficiency and maintainability. These modern materials make up more than 40% of the aircraft’s primary structure, delivering weight savings for reduced fuel burn, with an accompanying reduction of CO2 and NOx emissions. Powered by Pratt & Whitney PurePower PW1500G geared turbofan engines specifically designed for the family, the A220-100 can connect distant airports with its 2,950 nm range and best-in-class airfield performance.

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The Airbus A380, also known as Superjumbo, is the largest passenger airplane ever manufactured in the world. The plane has four engines, a wide double deck body and an upper deck that spans the whole fuselage length

Its big size can accommodate 525 passengers divided into the usual three classes or maximum of 853 passengers if it were to be made into an all-economy class arrangement (Norris & Wagner, 131). This essay will explore the supply chain of the Airbus A380.Being a huge plane, the A380 is mostly constructed from light but strong materials that hold the plane’s weight together without making it too heavy to fly (Ireland, Hoskisson & Hitt, 37). Composite materials make up to a fifth of the plane’s airframe while reinforced plastics made of carbon, glass and quartz fibres are utilized mostly in the making of the wings, doors, tail surfaces and the fuselage pieces such as the rear end and undercarriage sections.

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In short, it seems like a win-win situation for everyone involved. And it just goes to show that, sometimes, even a sterling product isn’t enough to make small companies competitive with the big boys

In the same way we prefer to don our Nike trainers and sip our diet Cokes than we do other brands, so we’ll enjoy flying confidently on an Airbus aircraft. Even if it used to be a Bombardier.

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